Token Summary & STO

An Ecosystem Powered by Digital Gold, Accessible to All

1. Affordability

Anyone can puchase from 1milligram of gold
for 0.05 € cents. Build wealth, transact goods and services with millions of merchants within seconds at a fraction of usual costs.

2. Accessibility

You can redeem gold and cash on demand in globally reputed vaults.
From anywhere, at any time.

3. Availability

Everyone will access clean and sustainable digital gold from their mobile phones.
From anywhere at any time.

gold up
We have taken extra care to ensure your gold is safe, insured, refined, audited and stored securely.
Our prospective partnerships with leading firms in Insurance, Security and Auditing. Our technology has already reached the beta testing stage and is about to go to market.


To date, we’ve secured $500m of gold supply contracts to back investments and digital assets.
Aurum Monaco Refinery is now positioned as our strategic gold off-taker. Our target is to have $1 billion of gold contracts by the end of 2020.


Securitized Convertible Note for investors

1 UPro convertible Note Unite = 1.11 cts

UPro is an equity derivative in the form of a security token (Convertible Note), offering investors the option to convert into preferred shares of The Ubuntu Investment Company (trading under Ubuntu Tribe).  U-Pro is delivered as a token for investors during the Security Token Offering.

U-Pro tokens have two fundamental features:

  • Convertible into preferred shares at a ratio of 1:1 at the earliest of 24  months after the STO
  • liquidity event where clear offer is made to company at acceptable price
  • U-Pro assigns investors the right to the distribution of preferred dividends : 7% annual interest payment (payable quarterly, non-cumulative) until conversion into common shares
Our investment products are tokenised, asset-backed securities, tradeable on regulated exchanges around the world. Adoption is driven via the UTribe.One platform – these power the Ubuntu Tribe economy of digital trade, commerce and utility.


An Investment opportunity of a different kind


investment oppertunity 1