Why the World Needs Ubuntu?

The majority of people have no control over their wealth. They’re struggling to pay rent, school fees, and medical expenses. And as they’re drowning in debt, inequalities widen year on year. Latent social crises arise.

It all has to do with a broken financial system:
  • Most fiat currencies depreciate in value, which primarily affects the low- and middle-income classes
  • Coincidently, the same people have little to no access to investment tools, which locks them in a poverty trap
  • Finally, 70% of the population in emerging markets are unbanked. Not only do they lack a stable store of value but are altogether excluded from the global economy – as well as from the much-needed yet very expensive international money transfer services

That’s why we’ve launched Ubuntu Tribe to provide people with the necessary tools to change the status quo.

Our Solutions

Ubuntu Tribe ecosystem will consist of three interconnected products which will boosts financial inclusion and democratize investment opportunities while promoting sustainable business practices. These solutions are already in development and will be available starting from our STO in April 2020:

  • GODL is a digital asset 100% backed by gold, which you can physically redeem from our vaults at any time. Now anyone can purchase as little as 0,001 gram of gold for 5 USD cents from their mobile phones. 

  • U-coin (UBX) is an investment tool for pre-financing ethical gold mining and getting future gold at a discount of up to 15% off the market price. It is also convertible into the shares of Ubuntu Tribe company and will appreciate in value as the company grows. When you purchase UBX, 80% of your funds will be used to reserve your ethical gold, while the remaining 20% will go to product development and market expansion. 

  • TribeOne is a social and commercial platform with a built-in wallet. TribeOne enables anyone in the world to access investment tools, exchange goods and services, and engage in social initiatives. According to the spirit of Ubuntu, a percentage of the transaction fees is reinvested back into the community to sponsor community-driven social impact initiatives.



We promote sustainable mining practices


Vaulted in Switzerland and Lichtenstein & other safe locations globally


At any time – anywhere in the world


From Underground to the vault


By a top-3 global insurance company


Regularly by renowned audit firms


Buy and sell gold or goods within minutes from your mobile

Why Invest in U-Coin (UBX)?

Bolster Local Communities

% of UBX transaction fees goes to social initiatives

Promote Sustainable Gold Mining

Get up to 15% discount

Combined Team Experience

50+ yrs in Blockchain, 50+ yrs in Mining, 70+ yrs in IT, 30+ yrs in Media


referral commission paid for any new customer referred


of margins from gold trading are shared monthly


All transaction fees on the platform payable in U-Coin


of all transaction fees allocated to social impact projects selected by token holders

In other words…

  • Buy into a proven, liquid yet affordable investment tool: digital gold
  • Buy into a proven, liquid yet affordable investment tool: digital gold
  • Trust our World Class Team: 70+ years combined experience in blockchain, 50+ years in gold & mining, 30+ years in Media & Tech;
  • Build a new economy for a new world: make the Ubuntu Economy a reality.​