A Digital Cocoon for the New Earth

The Problem

Lack of access to basic financial services & wealth creation opportunities have created a global poverty trap. Additionally, The World Bank estimates that up to 60 million people will likely fall below the International Poverty Line of $1.90 per day in 2020, as a result to the pandemic.

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1. Financial inclusion
  • 1.7 Billion
    Adults are still unbanked globally
  • 1.1 Billion
    of unbanked Adults have a Mobile Phone
2. The poverty trap
  • $1 Trillion
    of debt held by US Millennials
  • 99% of global Wealth
    Held by 1% of the population
3. Access to essential services
  • $52.8 Billion
    is spent every year on fees for cross-border remittance to developing nations
  • 60 Million
    people worldwide will fall into poverty and lack access to basic Healthcare & Education in 2020*

The Solution

A digital, social commerce platform providing the tools for Value Creation, Realisation and Conservation at the fingertips, through mobile connectivity. This platform solves the 3-big pillars of “The Problem” accordingly.

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1. Access to Global Economy

Mobile Money Commerce
Access to a ubiquitous mobile wallet for a secure store of value

2. Wealth creation & Preservation

Investment & Savings Backed by Gold
Access to tradeable, regulated asset (gold) backed securities via digital exchange

3. Dignity at the palm of all hands

Essential Services & Empowerment Tools
Access to affordable micro/nano healthcare, insurance and education services

A Digital Cocoon for the New Earth

UTribe.One, a digital ecosystem powered by individuals and communities exchanging values, goods, services and data through the power of collaboration for shared wealth creation, conservation and distribution.

We Democratize Access to Gold

GODL: digital gold certificate

100% Gold backed digital asset available from 5 cents

1 GODL digital asset = 0.001 gram of gold at LME price + 4%

GODL is a digitised store of value which can be cost-effectively, securely transferred in real time. GODL’s divisibility to 0.001 gram of gold (<5 cents ($0.05) equivalent)) enables gold to be bought digitally in small amounts at an accessible price point. GODL is not a cryptocurrency, but rather a digital gold certificate stored on the blockchain.

All gold purchased by the Company will be audited and stored and insured in private secured gold vaults initially Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore and other safe locations around the world. Gold under our management will be insured by Lloyd’s of London (or equivalent) while and transported by BRINKS (or equivalent).


UTribe.One – our social commerce app powered by GODL


Your Gold is


We promote sustainable mining practices


Vaulted in save locations (Switzerland, Lichtenstein, others)


At any time – anywhere in the world


From Underground to the vault


By a top-3 global insurance company


Regularly by renowned audit firms


Buy and sell gold or goods within minutes from your mobile


  • Q4/2017-2019

    Inception and development of Ubuntu Tribe

  • Q2/2019

    MVP Completed
    Finalist at African Bankers Award for Innovation

  • Q3/2019

    Partnership with SMART Africa (representin g 30 African countries)
    Ubuntu Tribe now officially endorsed by 25 African countries
    Selected by Tim Draper for Global Entrepreneurship Program (Silicon Valley)

  • Q4/2019

    Test Net & Investment Memo Completed
    Track & Trace v.1.0

  • Q1/2020

    Ubuntu Tribe Global launch at the World Economic Forum
    First gold contract signed with Ghana (2t gold supply)
    MOU signed with Paxful for token placement & distribution

  • Q2/2020

    $500m in Gold contracts signed
    Key endorsements for Ubuntu Love Challenge confirmed
    Ubuntu Love Challenge & Festival launched
    Smart contracts completed & Tokens tradeable on test net

  • Q3/2020

    STO Launch Phase 1 (USA, ME & Asia)
    GODL & Upro to be issued on main net
    Monaco gold refinery partnership (insurance & security) signed

  • Q4/2020

    STO Launch Phase 2 (Europe, Africa)
    UTribe.One MVP (soft launch)

  • Q2/2021

    UTribe.One Market Launch Phase 1 (Africa, ME)
    Exchange Listing on dedicated Security Exchanges worldwide

  • Q3/2021

    Public Offering (Liechtenstein)
    UTribe.One Market Launch Phase 2 (Europe, Asia)