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Ubuntu Love Challenge

The current global pandemic has plunged mankind in a state of fear and panic. Uncertainty and mistrust in itself acts as a virus leaving panic and disorganization in its wake. In the face of our challenges, hope now more than ever is needed to strengthen and empower us all to fight back and face the journey ahead. How

Weekly Precious Metals Review – 22.05.20

Weekly Precious Metals Review: Report to – 22.05.20 Get the Full Weekly Report Download Now

Weekly Precious Metals Review – 08.05.20

Weekly Precious Metals Review: Report to – 08.05.20 Get the Full Weekly Report Download Now

What Does the Current Crisis Teach Us and How is It Connected to Our Launch at the WEF 2020?

COVID-19 has put us at the crossroads: is there a way back to “normal”? Due to the coronavirus, we are facing a mounting crisis. More than a third of humanity – 3 billion people – is on mandatory lockdown. People are not only losing jobs and chances to connect with their communities – they are

Breaking the Radio Silence: Ubuntu Tribe is Back with Important Updates!

It’s been a while since we reached out to our community with news, and here’s why. Within the past 3 months, we have:  1. Developed the first Beta of TribeOne: TribeOne is one of the three core products we aim to launch in the short-run. It is a Social Commercial platform, which provides local communities

Benito Fintech News Interview with Mamadou K. Toure

The interview in which Mamadou K. Toure, the founder of the Ubuntu Tribe, tells about his past, present and future and describes in details the main principles and core ideas of the Ubuntu Tribe. Enjoy it!

Ubuntu Tribe on CNBC

In this interview Mamadou K. Toure presents the core idea of the Ubuntu Tribe and tells about its main principles.

Goldfingr Deal Pitch in London

GoldfingrTV: Mamadou Toure, Ubuntu Tribe – Deal Pitch

CEO Magazine: Interview in MONACO

Ubuntu Tribe Philosophy

BTC BROS Interview in Malta

BTC BROS – Interview – Mamadou Touré – AIBC

BBC Afrique

Mamadou Toure – BBC

CNBC Africa: Gold-backed crypto-currency set for launch

The local construction sector is in need of serious renovation if it should return to its former glory, which is the view of Ken Stewart, Director at the Turnaround Management Association Southern Africa who joins CNBC Africa for more. Source: https://www.cnbcafrica.com/videos/2018/11/16/gold-backed-crypto-currency-set-for-launch/

All Africa: Ubuntu Tribe Finalist at The 2018 African Banker Awards in Busan (South Korea)

Ubuntu Tribe was a proud finalist for Innovation in Banking category at ‘The African Banker Awards 2018’. It’s the first time indeed that crypto and blockchain technology in general even gets considered for such a prestigious competition, as Ubuntu Tribe is paving the way for the digital transformation of the continent. “It’s a great honor

Le Monde: La cryptomonnaie africaine qui veut moraliser la finance

LETTRE DE JOHANNESBURG C’est une fièvre qui est en train de gagner la planète. Au moment où Facebook développe une réflexion discrète sur le sujet des cryptomonnaies, un projet pour une monnaie virtuelle émerge en Afrique avec des ambitions éthiques. Si le lancement des premières unités — l’Initial Coin Offering (ICO), offre de départ de la monnaie