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Ubuntu Tribe Investor FAQs

“Ubuntu” in several African languages means; “I am because we are”. One can find variants of the word Ubuntu across the African continent. In Rwanda, “Umubuntu” refers to humans. In the Congo basin it is called Abantu. In other words in ancient knowledge Ubuntu refers to humanity. The very essence that makes us humans. We decided to name our initiative, Ubuntu Tribe , after this powerful word to call upon each human being to nurture the very attributes that define our species: dignity, freedom, love, oneness and consciousness.

Most fiat money systems in history tend to depreciate over time and progressively erode purchasing power of low middle income classes. Furthermore, most fiat currencies  are not accepted anywhere outside their economic communities. This is a major hurdle for cross border trade and growth, notwithstanding that 70% of the population in emerging markets are unbanked and are excluded from the global economy. Further, access to wealth is a global issue as inequalities are widening year on year leading to latent social crises.

In order to overcome these challenges, Ubuntu Coin provides a market offering which transcends the simple amelioration of banking methods for all citizens of the global community:

  • Ubuntu Coin empowers and enables anyone in the world to buy and store gold securely from a mobile phone.
  • The minimum purchase amount is 0.001 gram which is just below $0.05 dollars (USD 5 cents) as a starting point for investment.
  • We democratize access to gold: it can be bought digitally, in small amounts – investing in precious minerals is finally an opportunity within reach for everyone!

The Ubuntu Economy Platform (UbEP) is our proprietary digital platform onto which all Ubuntu Coin products services are hosted. Our technology has been operational for over a year and has already onboarded corporate clients currently being serviced as a going concern. We facilitate universal access to digital gold enable our investors to purchase gold at a reduced price and share benefit from a portion of the margin’ ths the proceeds generated from sales of tokenized gold with out investor community. We pre-finance gold production by financing new mining areas for equipment and labour in exchange for future supply of gold below market price. We promote ethical gold extraction, enhance mining productivity and ensure greater transparency from pit to vault  through track and trace technology.

 The UbEP supports two Tokens: GODL ($GODL) and U-Coin (UBX).


GODL is the name of our token that is 100% backed by gold (London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) gold and artisanal mined gold). GODL is a digital gold certificate 100% backed by gold that is divisible and cost-effectively transferable securely on the blockchain in real time. GODL leverages the historic stability of gold’s value to provide economic prosperity and stability to people in volatile market where fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies fluctuate significantly. GODL represents the trinity of i) a unit of account, ii) real stored value (gold backed), iii) medium of exchange leveraging on the most secure technology to date.

U-Coin ($UBX):

U-Coin (UBX) is the name of our security token. Similar to standard futures contracts, UBX is sold to investors, to mobilize the necessary capital to pre-finance the extraction gold depositories. This allows us to secure future gold bullion at a discounted rate prior to the tokenization process into GODL. With the funds raised through UBX Security Token Offering, we purchase interests in gold mines and pre-finance artisanal miners in a fair and sustainable way. The supply of UBX is limited to 777,777,777,777 tokens. The price of UBX may rise (as there is a fixed amount of it).

Profit margins from gold sales are also shared from future extraction of discounted gold with token holders/investors.  UBX token owners have the right to convert to convert their tokens into shares after a period of 5 years.

The UBX token is a means of payment for all UbEP related fees and the only form of payment accepted to execute GODL transactions. In order to buy/sell GODL token owners will need to have 1-2% of the value of GODL in UBX to fulfill the cost of the transaction fee.

  • The Ubuntu Investment Company is the registered name of the company owning the intellectual property of the Ubuntu Economy Platform (UbEP) and its native tokens (GODL and U-Coin).
  • The UBUNTU ECONOMY PLATFORM (UbEP) is our proprietary digital platform onto which all Ubuntu Tribe products services are hosted.
  • GODL is the name of our token that is 100% backed by gold (London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) gold and artisanal mined gold)
  • U-Coin (UBX) is the name of our token providing profit share mechanism and ultimately access to shares of our company with voting rights attached.

Initially Ubuntu Coin has 4 main streams of revenue:

  1. Transaction fees: The cost of transacting Ubuntu Coins is fixed at 1.618% of transaction Value.
  2. Tokenization fees: We charge a one-time 4% tokenization fee to cover the costs of gold storage and management Fees
  3. Margins from gold discounts: In exchange for the interest free pre-financing of artisanal mines, we receive a right to future gold production which can vary between 5% and 20%.
  4. Strategic Investments: A share of our revenue is reinvested into high yielding social impact projects in the sectors of energy, food, connectivity, and transport. For instance TUIC has secured an investment opportunity in a very unique technology eradicating the need for mercury while increasing gold output by 10-20%.
  • The UBX price is listed at $0.001618 (USD 1.618 cents) at the time of the Security Token Offering. After, the price of UBX will be determined by its market value.
  • The GODL price is pegged to the price equivalent of 0.001 grams of gold (equivalent to about USD 5 cents).

There are six key incentives of our token system that drives adoption:

  1. One UBX token gives right to One Share in the company. In other words, token owners will ultimately become shareholders of the business after a lockup period. This is the base of Ubuntu-ism and Ubuntu Economy as we empower individuals and communities to own a common asset and influence its destiny.
  2. Future Perspective of Sharing profit margins from the sale of Discounted Gold on a bi-monthly basis.
  3. Option to buy gold at a discounted price subsequent to extraction.
  4. Network effect resulting from extending the GODL acceptance network driving the demand for UBX powered by TribeOne! Our proprietary user friendly social media platform interconnecting the Ubuntu communities.
  5. Community Token owners rewarded in UBX each time new buyers purchase UBX issued by the company and receive direct rewards to Token owner upon referral system.

The more token owners transact and refer new users to the UbEP, the wealthier they become. The sense of community ownership held by token holders organically pushes them to participate in spreading the mass adoption and trading of Ubuntu Coins in order to contribute to the appreciation of the token price. UBX’s growth model is thus self-sustainable and low marketing cost intensive as the token value appreciates from the incentivized demand velocity and profit sharing into the community.

Gold has been at the center of all civilizations across human history, regardless of geography (Inca, Mayan, Dogon, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Greek Roman, Persian, etc). Gold has increased by an average of 10% per annum since 1971.

Screen Shot 2020 01 18 at 4.32.45 PM

Ubuntu Tribe tokenizes gold and sells it at gold market price (in the form of the GODL token). GODL tokens are backed by gold sourced from three types of markets:

  1. The LBMA market where we purchase OTC gold at spot price and;
  2. From African artisanal mines that provide Ubuntu Coin with gold at a discount in exchange for pre-production funds used to buy equipment.
  3. Recycled gold to minimize the rate of exhaustion of  earth’s resources.

Ubuntu Tribe gold reserves constantly meet or exceed the amount of GODL in circulation. Token owners can redeem their GODL assets for physical gold and fiat. GODL’s divisibility to 0.001 grams (USD 5 cents) democratizes gold ownership (stored in secured audited vaults) for the world. Our team has secured gold from suppliers in Africa & North America. We are currently negotiating key frameworks with African governments to help pre-finance equipment and technical assistance for artisanal gold miners in exchange for the regular supply of discounted gold.

All gold purchased by Ubuntu Tribe is audited, insured and stored in private secured gold vaults in Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Singapore.


Private sale (until October 31st, 2019) (CLOSED)

  • Price: US$0.01618 (USD 1.618 cents) minus 25% Discount
  • Open to accredited investors only
  • Funds wired directly to The Ubuntu Investment Company after signature of Agreement
  • Payments accepted: EUR, USD

Pre-Sales (14. February – 14. April 2020) (ONGOING)

  • Price: US$0.01618 (USD 1.618 cents) minus 20% Discount
  • Open to accredited investors only
  • Funds wired directly to The Ubuntu Investment Company after signature of Agreement
  • Payments accepted: EUR, USD

Public Security Token Offering (STO) (begins Q2/2020)

  • Price: US$0.01618 (USD 1.618 cents)
  • Open to the general public
  • Investors must place funds
  • Online Payments accepted: BTC, ETH, EUR, USD


Private sell (Q2/2020)

  • Price: 1 GODL = 0.001 gram of gold
  • Open to accredited investors only
  • Payments accepted: EUR, USD

Public Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) (Q2/2020)

  • Price: 1 GODL = 0.001 gram of gold
  • Open to the general public
  • Investors must place funds
  • Payments accepted: BTC, ETH, EUR, USD

TUIC, holding company registered in Mauritius (STO friendly). Currently considering registration in Liechtenstein for European STO.

  • 80% of funds raised during and post STO will be used to purchase or pre-finance gold extraction at an optimal price.

Profits are automatically distributed directly to token owners in the form of UBX token reward.

  • Adoption, Adoption, Adoption!: Ubuntu Tribe has a unique positioning in its competitive landscape due to the large amount of ground it has covered in the race for adoption. Even before launch, Ubuntu Coin has secured partnerships that provides its users with access to (i) an online marketplace; (ii) BTMs for cash liquidity; (iii) an effortless onboarding for millions of mobile phone subscribers. Further, through our strategic partnership in discussions with a major African telecom provider, Ubuntu Coin will soon have a direct access point to 150 million mobile subscribers.
  • Mining Technology: Mining is a critical element of our business model which highly impacts Ubuntu Tribe level of success. For that reason, we have prioritized the use of cutting edge mining technologies in order to set us apart from not only other gold-backed token projects, but the global mining sector at large. As a result, we have secured an exclusive mining technology that avoids mercury contamination and increases extraction yield by 10-20%.
  • TribeOne: TribeOne is our proprietary social media platform that enables the Ubuntu Community to engage and transact. TribeOne is one of two flagship services currently made available to the Ubuntu Community alongside the u-Wallet. The TribeOne one app will soon be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, or accessed online by logging into our desktop version. Revenue is generated on the TribeOne platform from membership fees, event registrations, crowdfunding success fees, and sponsored advertising.
  • Microtransactions: Users can perform transactions of very small amounts at minimal costs. High banking costs have resulted in the slow adoption of traditional banking methods (a mere 24% penetration rate in Africa). In most emerging markets, transactions can be very small in value while traditional credit/debit cards require a minimum value of transaction and charge fixed fees for acquisition of terminals. In addition, remittance costs often reach 10% of transaction costs while Ubuntu Coin offers faster, safer transactions 80% cheaper than incumbent remittance companies.
  • Trade Finance: TUIC helps fast track the digitisation and automation of trade finance that historically requires heavy logistics to handle document collection, letters of credit and consignments. With UbEP, commercial users use cryptographic keys and multi-signature wallets stored on the blockchain, replacing the traditional documents required for trade finance.

Chances are extremely high, although we sincerely hope the world will not be shaken by another devastating global financial crisis. Most macroeconomic and financial markets indicators (especially corporate bonds)  and geopolitical dynamics strongly leads us to anticipate such an event. Also as per the chart below by Deutsche Bank, financial crises occurrence have been highly recurrent over the past few decades, so it would be naive to ignore the probability of another one probably even more damaging.

Screen Shot 2020 01 18 at 4.38.08 PM

We unfortunately left our crystal ball at home, therefore, that we don’t know. But we know one thing “luck is when preparation meets opportunity. We believe Ubuntu Coin is solid opportunity to hedge your bets and safeguard your wealth. So be prepared! And don’t come and say we did not warn you.

  • We believe Ubuntu Tribe can generate strong returns in 2020 as gold recently entered a bull run cycle and is expected to rise by 20% over 2019. We believe we have the right timing to perform a strong rise of our UBX token in 2020
  • Our Minimum Viable Product is operational and shall be ready for public use by Q2/2019. Our project is a reality, not just an idea to be executed.
  • We are proud to announce that we have recently signed a partnership with SMART AFRICA. Our engagements with this initiative is set to accelerate in 2020 where we will be advising and tailoring our products to address problems for all 25 African member states of this initiative.
  • Automatic user onboarding and KYC services to be embedded on the platform.
  • Mobile web wallet (including recoverable company wallets). The u-Wallet will soon be able to connect to any bank account with IBAN number.
  • Peer to Peer Payment in UBX with QR-Code, from the u-Wallet (core-banking tool).
  • We are in negotiation with gold concessions in West African countries. We are also working with selected governments on a tripartite agreement to secure gold from artisanal miners.
  • Over a period of 18 months we are planning to set up a Fairtrade certified mining operations.

Artisanal mining (ASM) is characterized as high labor intensity and low capital investment, in comparison to large-scale mining, which is highly mechanised. ASM is mostly informal and unregulated, with miners employing rudimentary tools and equipment to mine and process the gold. Some 90% of the labor force involved in gold mining is made up of artisanal and small-scale miners. They produce 380-450 tons of gold each year, around 10% of the global gold supply. The industry employs 40 million people globally living in poor conditions. We intend to change that.

Most mining laws are geared towards large-scale industrial mining and governments tend to give the large-scale industry preferential mining rights. This increases the vulnerability of small-scale miners who find it hard to access legal mining rights, pushing them into running informal and illegal operations.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is essential to maintaining the trust of Ubuntu Coin token holders and the transparency of the UbEP’s system network.

UbEP’s build on blockchain protocol has the biggest impact on our ability to streamline mining operations and track the entire gold supply chain: log of miner’s work hours, upload pictures of gold, progress on mining, use of equipment, vault auditing. Not only does leveraging blockchain save us millions of dollars spent on paper-based systems, but it also provides our community with the visibility to hold us accountable for our operations.

By digitizing our mineral supply chain onto the blockchain we ensure end-to-end secure tracking of precious metals and are able to introduce a non-speculative, non-cryptic, bank compliant, exchangeable digital currency. This system creates a secure supply chain through mineral tracking, which in turn helps fight against fraud with on-site recording and digitisation of each gram extracted. The digitisation also enhances safety for artisanal miners by offering transaction management mobile applications, replacing cash-based systems.

Further, blockchain equips UbEP with a complete stack infrastructure, which can be extended to create additional functions such as digital contract conclusions, off-chain storage options, a contractor administration system (recording of contractors, identification, task lists, reporting and automated payment distribution) alongside many other features.

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