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Global Digital Conference (May 19)

Digital Week Online Mamadou Toure shared a full keynote on “how Blockchain & A.I can enable to disrupt the current economic order and pave the way for a more conscious, caring and prosperous world”

Dubai March 2019

Interview Mauritius


WEF Davos 2019

World Economic Forum Davos 2019 Mamadou Toure had the privilege to return to Davos (Switzerland) as a World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader. One of his 2 objectives consisted was enrolling global leaders and influencers into the Ubuntu movement for shared prosperity after showcasing the Potential of Ubuntu Tribe (formerly Ubuntu Coin) as a robust

IMF Conference (December 19)

IMF Conference (December 19) We were invited by the IMF at the Future of Work conference to present Ubuntu Tribe to an audience of IMF Executives and Government Officials including Ghana’s Minister of Finance (amongst others). Our innovative model was very well received by the audience bearing in mind that to date we are the

Accra 2019

Accra 2019 ( Central Africa Mining Conférence) During the West & Central Africa Mining Conférence (WACA Mining) in Accra (October 2019) Mamadou Toure had the opportunity to engage an audience of high profile Mining professionals, investors, and regulators. It felt a bit like the movie « Encounter of the third kind » in a scene

Cape Town September 2019

Cape Town September 2019 Mamadou Toure had a conversation with UN Deputy General Secretary, Amina Mohammed, around inclusive wealth creation, digital identity for refugees, blockchain for good, sustainable mining practices, digital currencies and financial inclusion. A new era where technology could be at the forefront of a new inclusive and decentralized socio-economic system.