Jorge Sebastiao our Chief Strategy Officer on why we Tokenize Gold

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  • April 10, 2021
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Building Gold Tokenization with an Ecosystem on the Blockchain.


Gold has been for many years a trusted asset class, also a protection edge against both inflation and overprinting of money by central banks. As an asset class gold has achieved both universal acceptance as well as a high degree of stability, liquidity, convertibility and supply. Despite its acceptance Gold also has some short comings and challenges such as security, transportation, and integration into micro payment systems. Also gold is not always obtained from Ethical sources; therefore proper gold traceability and source ability is key to a sustainable eco friendly solution.

Combining Gold and Blockchain together using asset tokenization we can create a completely new asset class with much higher degree of flexibility and portability.

Gold Tokenization using Blockchain enables the fractional ownership and protection of the gold value while at the same time accelerating liquidity and transferability of the underlying asset. Tokenization also enables to allow the asset to used one of the most common devices the Mobile phone. Mobile phones through their connectivity and user-friendly apps allow the creation of social digital asset wallets. E-commerce powered by these new user friendly mobile wallet apps creates a new acceleration of commerce in emerging markets such as Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia. Mobile digital wallets can not only be used to store value but also serve a modern ePOS (Point of Sale) devices enabling the creative entrepreneur to thrive by accelerating its cash flow using a stable asset that does not devaluate but through its liquidity is an enzyme to new business.

But even neither Tokenization of user friendly wallets are enough to drive success in such a competitive world; one more element is essential, and this is the creation of an end-to-end eco-system of value. To create this comprehensive eco-system of financial rails the established wallet and payment system needs to integrated and cooperate with usable, needed products and services. Putting all the elements of the solution together we see the birth of Ubuntu Eco-system:

  • Traceable Gold
  • Ecological Gold
  • Gold Tokenization
  • Digital Wallet
  • POS
  • Social Market Place
  • Educational Delivery
  • Micro Insurance
  • Micro Loans
  • Decentralized Finance


This modern approach to leveraging the power of gold will help drive the entrepreneurs of emerging economies of tomorrow.

Jorge Sebastiao