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With Ubuntu Tribe, people can reclaim control over their wealth and multiply it, contributing to the wellbeing of all



What is Ubuntu Tribe?

Ubuntu Tribe ecosystem will consist of three core products that are already in development:

  • GODL – a digital asset 100% backed by redeemable gold, which makes gold an accessible investment for anybody who has a mobile phone and as little as 5 cents;

  • U-coin (UBX) – a digital asset convertible either into discounted ethical gold from the mines that we pre-finance, or into Ubuntu Tribe Company shares;

  • TribeOne social and commercial platform, which interconnects communities around the globe and enables them to access financial services, develop their businesses, and engage in social impact initiatives.

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Ubuntu Love Challenge

The current global pandemic has plunged mankind in a state of fear and panic. Uncertainty and mistrust in itself acts as a virus leaving panic and disorganization in its wake.

In the face of our challenges, hope now more than ever is needed to strengthen and empower us all to fight back and face the journey ahead. How do we inspire and spread hope?The answer lies within us. It starts with connecting with the truth of our Ubuntu — I am because we are.


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Our Vision

We believe that all human beings should have equal access to opportunities, regardless of where they’re born or their socio-economic status. That’s why we aim to do much more than just generate financial profits for our users. The final goal of Ubuntu Tribe resides in a triple bottom line: People, Profit, Planet. We want to boost financial inclusion and ease wealth creation for every human-being worldwide, while promoting sustainable business practices.

Our operations extend all the way to the pre-financing of ethical gold-mining and the empowerment of local communities on the ground. Hence the reason we chose the World Economic Forum 2020 for our global launch. Davos is where global change is made, therefore it was an important moment to introduce some of the world’s most influential decision makers to the Ubuntu Economy. An economy, where everyone and everything is interconnected and where no one’s left behind.

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Why the World Needs Ubuntu?

The majority of people have no control over their wealth. They’re struggling to pay rent, school fees, and medical expenses. And as they’re drowning in debt, inequalities widen year on year. Latent social crises arise.

It all has to do with a broken financial system:

  • Most fiat currencies depreciate in value, which primarily affects the low- and middle-income classes

  • Coincidently, the same people have little to no access to investment tools, which locks them in a poverty trap

  • Finally, 70% of the population in emerging markets are unbanked. Not only do they lack a stable store of value but are altogether excluded from the global economy – as well as from the much-needed yet very expensive international money transfer services

That’s why we’ve launched Ubuntu Tribe to provide people with the necessary tools to change the status quo.

Why Ubuntu Tribe?

We are a team of professionals from 4 continents united by one goal: make the world a better place for all. 

Our unique blend of expertise – from gold mining and logistics to fintech and platform development – sets a solid base for our work. But our true strength is in our holistic approach. 

We understand that in order to trigger a massive societal change, we need to combine two essential components: cutting-edge technology and people empowerment on the ground. And that’s precisely what we’ve been doing ever since our journey started in November 2017.

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Why Invest in U-Coin (UBX)?


referral commission paid for any new customer referred


of margins from gold trading are shared monthly


All transaction fees on the platform payable in U-Coin


of all transaction fees allocated to social impact projects selected by token holders


  • Q4/2017

    Inception of Ubuntu Tribe

  • Q2/2019

    MVP Completed

  • Q3/2019

    Q3/2019 SMART Africa Partnership Signed. Ubuntu Tribe now officially endorsed by 25 African countries

  • Q4/2019

    Test Net & Investment Memo Completed

  • Q4/2019

    Payment integration
    Track & Trace v.2

  • Q1/2020

    Ubuntu Tribe Global launch at the World Economic Forum

  • Q2-Q3/2020

    Public Security Token Offering (STO)

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The current global pandemic has plunged mankind in a state of fear and panic. Uncertainty and mistrust in itself a

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